In brief: Amazon already has a few smart video doorbells that it sells under its popular Ring brand. What it didn't have until today is the Blink Video Doorbell -- a smart doorbell that covers all the essentials at a lower price point.

Amazon today had a flurry of announcements at its hardware event, including a Blink Video Doorbell. This is a first for the Blink product family, which has always been about convenient, low-cost security solutions.

In a sense, the Blink Video Doorbell is like a simplified version of the Ring Video Doorbell that cuts back on some of the bells and whistles of the latter device, not to mention its less palatable $250 price. Most notably, the first generation Blink doorbell is based around a 1080p camera sensor that is capable of motion detection and night vision. It supports two-way audio, chime app alerts, and can also be connected to your existing in-home chime.

As is the case with almost all Amazon hardware, the Blink Video Doorbell comes with Alexa integration, so you'll be able to pair it with a Fire tablet or an Echo device and use voice commands for monitoring. You can use it with both wired and wireless network connections, and you also have the option to store footage on a USB drive via the Sync Module add-on if you're not a big fan of cloud storage subscriptions.

Amazon says two AA batteries are enough to keep the Blink Video Doorbell running for two years on a wired connection. If you don't want to swap batteries, the company has also introduced a Solar Power Mount that will keep the device charged. There's also a new Blink Floodlight Camera mount if you want up to 700 lumens of additional motion-activated lighting.

If you're interested in the new Blink Video Doorbell, it will be available on Amazon starting October 21 and set you back $49.99. The kit that includes the Blink Outdoor camera and Floodlight mount will cost $139.99, but you'll also be able to buy the mount separately for $39.99. The solar-powered bundle will go on sale for $129.99.