Why it matters: As of just two months ago, the Internet was available to 65 percent of the world's population, or roughly 5.17 billion people. That's an increase of 10 percent from the beginning of the year, and with the pandemic continuing to reshape our daily lives, it's no surprise that humanity as a whole is generating an awful lot of digital data. But just how much is happening online, even in a single minute, will still probably surprise you.

A new infographic from cloud software company Domo really puts the situation into perspective. According to the company's findings, 5.7 million Google searches take place every 60 seconds. What's more, Facebook users are sharing 240,000 photos during this same minute-long period and Instagram users are posting 65,000 pictures every minute.

On Discord, 668,000 messages get sent every minute alongside 12 million iMessages. Slack users send an average of 148,000 message each minute while Teams connects 100,000 users each minute.

Media consumption is even more staggering. Each minute of the day, Netflix users stream 452,000 hours of content and YouTube users stream 694,000 hours.

In the shopping category, some six million people shop online every minute. On Amazon, customers spend an average of $283,000 every 60 seconds. On PayPal's Venmo app, $304,000 changes hands each minute and on Instacart, grocery shoppers are spending $67,000 every minute.

And to think, somewhere, someone is storing every bit of this information.

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Image credit ThisIsEngineering