Rumor mill: Two long-running rumors regarding the Bloodborne franchise have reignited this week. One plausible one is that Sony's newest PlayStation studio Bluepoint Games is already working on a remastered version for the PlayStation 5. The other is that the same studio is also planning a sequel to the game, which is much less likely.

Rumors of a Bloodborne remaster and/or sequel have been on-again-off-again for the past year. On Monday, Colin Moriarty, who correctly predicted the Demon's Souls remake before it was announced, cryptically tweeted that Bluepoint Games might be working on a Bloodborne remaster.

"I'm hearing through the grapevine Bluepoint may be on a journey to Yharnam," said Moriarty.

In case you have not played the game, Yharnam is the fictional setting of FromSoftware's Bloodborne. Highly reliable Sony Interactive Entertainment leaker Millie Amand added credence to Moriarty's assertion by retweeting his claim adding a wink and a nod.

Bluepoint Games has a track record of producing remakes, remasters, and anthologies of other studios' creations. It was responsible for both the Shadow of the Colossus and Demon's Souls remakes. It also put together the God of War Collection (Santa Monica Studio IP), the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Konami IP), and the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (Naughty Dog IP). So it's not implausible that Sony has tasked its most recent studio acquisition with doing what they know and making a PS5 remaster of FromSoftware's Bloodborne.

What is slightly harder to swallow is that Bluepoint might also have been tapped to produce a Bloodborne sequel. According to a conversation on Discord that someone on Reddit screen-capped (below), Moriarty claims that his source told him that after Bluepoint finishes the remaster, it will be "making a ground-up sequel." He claims this insider told him about the Insomniac Wolverine game before it was announced during the most recent PlayStation Showcase, lending some credibility to the rumor.

Creating a sequel to another studio's property is a bit out of Bluepoint's wheelhouse, so it's a bit hard to believe at this point. Moriarty did mention in his Discord discussion that he would try to verify the sequel rumor with a trustworthy contact.

"I have to check with the person who told me about Demon's Souls at Bluepoint, which I was completely confident in reporting because that source is also great," he said. "If they can corroborate, then we're golden."

FromSoftware has been busy with other projects like Elden Ring and is not likely pursuing ideas for a Bloodborne sequel at this point. Bluepoint taking the property and running with it without FromSoftware's input doesn't square with me. The remaster, on the contrary, seems much more likely.

However, as with all leaks and rumors, don't get your hopes up before anything is officially announced. Despite the validity of any gossip, anything can happen prior to a game's official announcement including it getting canned. So take Moriarty's claims with a healthy dose of sodium chloride.