In brief: Today's foldable phones might be more durable than their predecessors, but they're still easy to break, especially if you're careless with them. As such, Samsung will make sure that any warranty claims for its Galaxy Z Flip 3 aren't false by checking all acceleration-based free-fall events, which engineers can access when assessing a claim.

It's no secret that, like all foldable phones, users need to be careful with the $1,000 Galaxy Z Flip 3---more so than with standard handsets. Even Samsung stresses the importance of proper care.

SamMobile writes that Samsung isn't going to replace or repair every Galaxy Z Flip 3 that's damaged by users dropping the device, whether or not they're still under warranty. It seems the phone uses its accelerometer to record all free falls of distances of one meter (3.2 feet) and higher.

If someone brings a Galaxy Z Flip 3 in for repair, claiming it inexplicably broke and engineers discover it's been dropped, Samsung could refuse to carry out the work. Twitter user @FrontTron highlights cases of users being denied warranty claims because of this reason.

There is, however, an incident of someone whose Galaxy Z Flip 3 cracked along the hinge when not in use. Engineers discovered it had been dropped three times, the last one coming 10 hours before the crack, but the warranty claim was accepted as they had bought the handset less than two weeks ago. Though, it's worth remembering that not everyone might be this lucky.

The takeaway here is that if you're the kind of person who likes to throw your phone onto the bed or sofa from a distance, you might want to reel in that reckless attitude if you own a Galaxy Z Flip 3; otherwise, a genuine warranty claim could be rejected.