What just happened? With the state of the graphics card market worsening, we've long heard rumors of refreshed RTX 2060 with 12GB of VRAM that Nvidia hopes will meet some of the demand. Based on a new regulatory filing by Gigabyte, it appears that the card could be announced this month and released early in December.

Although relaunch rumors stretch back to January, we last heard about the spec-bumped RTX 2060 in September, when Nvidia was reportedly planning to launch it as a way of filling a gap in the market until Intel releases its first Arc Alchemist GPU.

Previous rumors claimed that the updated RTX 2060 would launch on December 7, but Nvidia could announce the card earlier. Prolific leaker @momomo_us spotted a Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) filing published on November 15 that references four new Gigabyte graphics card SKUs:

  • GV-N2060OC-12GD
  • GV-N2060D6-12GD
  • GV-N2060WF2OC-12GD
  • GV-N2060WF2-12GD

All the cards appear to be RTX 2060 cards with 12GB of VRAM, double the 6GB of GDDR6 that the original launched with in January 2019. They all carry either the GB Gaming or GB WindForce brand and come in standard and overclocked versions.

While the 12GB of VRAM appears a certainty, the rest of the new RTX 2060's specs are just speculation right now. However, it does seem likely that it will use a different GPU to its predecessor, thereby boosting the number of CUDA cores.

Although TSMC's 12nm offerings aren't facing the same demand as its 7nm/5nm output, Nvidia might have reasons beyond supply issues for releasing an updated RTX 2060. The card could be the company's new 'cheaper' option that's set to compete with AMD's upcoming Navi 24-based budget line, which is expected to outperform the likes of the RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti.

The big question is how much the new RTX 2060 will cost. It's predicted to carry an MSRP of around $300, which means you'll probably end up paying over $400 for one. Assuming the rumors are accurate, we'll know the full story when Nvidia announces the card later this month, with a launch date set for December 7---though some believe January is a more realistic release window.