In brief: Tesla has reportedly switched the chip manufacturer for its Model Y infotainment system from Intel to AMD, bringing it in line with the Model S and X. It appears that the Ryzen chip-sporting Model Y is only being made available to buyers in China right now, though it's unclear if it will expand to other regions.

Electrek reports that the Shanghai-made 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance has seen several upgrades, including changing the chip in its infotainment system from the current Intel one to an AMD Ryzen alternative.

We don't know if the Model Y's new chip will be the same Ryzen APU found in the Tesla Model S and Model X, but it seems likely. At this year's Computex event, Tesla revealed the APU with its Navi 23-based graphics allowed games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 to be played on the infotainment system. Tesla also said it offers the same "10 teraflops" of performance as the PlayStation 5.

Vehicle manufacturers have been heavily impacted by the global chip shortage, with several automakers forced to close down production at plants temporarily. Intel, which has its own fabs, hasn't been as badly affected by the shortage as AMD, but it could be that Tesla wants to use more than one supplier to try and lessen the impact of the crisis. The Ryzen option is probably cheaper than Intel's, too.

In addition to the new chip, those who've taken delivery of a Tesla Model Y Performance in China have noted the 16V lithium-ion auxiliary battery and laminated glass at the front and rear of the crossover EV.

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