Something to look forward to: Have you ever wished to have more display area but lacked the physical space to make it a reality? Qualcomm has found a solution to that problem, introducing a new AR technology that expands the PC desktop area with virtual monitors to increase your working space.

The technology was shown during Qualcomm's Snapdragon Summit 2021, where attendees were able to test the virtual monitor application themselves. The setup consisted of a pair of AR glasses connected to a laptop equipped with Qualcomm's newly announced Qualcomm 8cx Gen 3 SoC, which was running an application to display the virtual monitors on the AR glasses.

Note that Windows identified each virtual monitor as a new display. Users could move the virtual monitor anywhere they pleased, which will definitely come in handy. The virtual monitors introduced some latency, but the overall experience was still acceptable - at least if you use them to read and navigate the web. If you're thinking about watching movies or gaming, you might have to wait for better AR tech.

One other interesting feature delivered by Qualcomm's AR technology is privacy. Only the wearer can see the virtual monitors, so if you're working in a public space, the only thing others will see is what's displayed on your laptop screen.

Besides the typical wobbling from the glasses themselves (a result of the one-size-fits-all design), they also offer a fairly limited field of vision. Considering the glasses were probably just a prototype, these issues are comprehensible.

While Qualcomm is developing AR tech that looks more oriented to office use, companies like Microsoft are catering to the military and the automotive industry.