Long time, no review huh? Hopefully we should be catching up a bit this month with a few articles we have ready for posting already plus a few others we are still working on... let's start off with [URL=https://www.techspot.com/reviews/hardware/digifire71/index.shtml]Hercules' flagship soundcard, the Digifire 7.1[/URL].

Based on the Cirrus Logic CS4624 chipset, the Digifire 7.1 offers sound output for up to 8 channels like its name describes, that can translate in support for Dolby Digital EX decoding (7.1), up to par even with latest offerings from Creative Labs and M-Audio.


Read the complete review [URL=https://www.techspot.com/reviews/hardware/digifire71/index.shtml]here[/url].