What just happened? Among the many products unveiled at CES has been a slew of innovative new PC cases. The latest of these comes from iBUYPOWER's sister brand Hyte, whose Y60 ATX PC case is designed to show off your computer's hardware through the panoramic views enabled by its design.

Rather than having a single side of tempered glass, as with most PC chassis, the mid-tower Hyte Y60 ATX PC case features three bezel-less removable glass panels on the side, front, and corner. It looks pretty stunning, especially when the system is packing a custom water-cooled setup like the one in the example below.

The three panels are easily removed and attached, which one would imagine makes working inside the case a lot easier. Interestingly, the Y60 is designed so the graphics card can only be mounted vertically using the included PCIe 4.0 riser cable, which, along with the card's PCB, is hidden behind a shroud that matches the color of the case exterior. Hyte adds that the case has enough room to squeeze half-height expansion cards behind the GPU.

The Y60 comes with three 120mm fans: two intakes on the floor and one exhaust in the rear. Users can also mount a 280mm radiator on the side and a 360mm radiator on the roof. Hyte says its "cold-floor" design eliminates hot spots with sweeping lateral vents and that its antechamber construction segments cables from thermal components.

The Y60 will be available in all-black, white and black, or red and black when it launches in March for $199. That's not a bad price for such a unique case and is $50 cheaper than CyberPowerPC's Deus Ex-like Kinetic Series that comes with 18 motorized triangular vents.