Something to look forward to: EA's Respawn Entertainment subsidiary -- responsible for the ever-popular Titanfall series and Apex Legends -- is reportedly working on three new Star Wars games in some capacity. Two are being directly developed by the studio, whereas the third will merely be published by them. It seems the success of Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has reignited EA's interest in more varied Star Wars experiences.

EA's time with the Star Wars franchise has not produced much in recent years. During its decade with exclusive rights to the license, EA released four major games: Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel, Fallen Order, and Squadrons. The former two titles were plagued by controversy during and after their respective launches and were all EA had released for years until 2019's Fallen Order hit store shelves.

That is precisely why today's news is so exciting. Though one of the newly-announced titles will be a shooter, the other two will not. We'll be getting a new Star Wars Jedi action-adventure game (perhaps a sequel to Fallen Order?), as well as a strategy title developed by Bit Reactor. It's been a long while since the world had a decent Star Wars strategy game! Other details are still scarce, unfortunately, so it'll probably be a while before we know more.

As far as management goes, EA has announced that the FPS will be led by Peter Hirschmann, Respawn's Game Director, while the new Star Wars Jedi entry is being headed up by Stig Asmussen. "Industry veteran" Greg Foerstch is leading the charge on the strategy title.

Development has begun for each of these titles, so now it's just a matter of watching and waiting to see how it progresses. Given EA's history with canceling Star Wars projects, we wouldn't be surprised if one or two of these don't make it to the finish line, but as long as Respawn is involved, there's hope.

The studio has a long history of competency in the game development space, and we look forward to seeing how they leverage their creativity and resources with these three new projects.