Rumor mill: Lego has carved out a considerable niche in video gaming. With games ranging from superheroes to Star Wars, the games are generally geared toward the younger demographic but can be fun for players of all ages. One genre of video game the block builder has not tapped is sports. If rumors are accurate, we could start seeing Lego sports titles popping up as early as this year.

Rumor has it that game publisher 2K Sports has signed a multigame contract to release at least three Lego-branded sports games. Sources with knowledge of the deal told Video Game Chronicle that Sumo Digital is already poised to launch a football/soccer game later this year. Sumo is the studio behind Sackboy: A big Adventure and Team Sonic Racing.

A second title is slated for release sometime in 2023 and will be a racing game. Visual Concepts is heading up its development. The studio was recently looking to add staff for an "open-world driving game with a major license." The insiders confirmed that those postings were for the upcoming Lego racing game.

"Our Foothill Ranch studio is looking for a seasoned Producer to join our development efforts on an unannounced, open world driving game with a major license," it read. "This AAA title is targeted at multiple platforms."

The sources confirmed the third game in the works but would not or could not reveal any information other than it is "based on a major sports franchise." As long as we are speculating, we might as well throw out that 2K already has WWE and NBA titles on its roster. A Lego version of either of those is not a giant leap. I would love to see a Lego WWE game.

Of course, take this "news" with a substantial dose of salt. Neither 2K nor Sumo Digital would comment on the alleged agreement. The only official comment VGC could get was from Lego which was, unsurprisingly, "no comment."

"We do not comment on speculation about future products or partnerships," said a Lego spokesperson.