TL;DR: Apple is removing its mask requirement rules for the company's retail and corporate employees. Wearing the face coverings will be optional for vaccinated corporate workers in those regions where local indoor-mask mandates have been eliminated, while retail staff at a small number of locations have been told mask-wearing is now optional.

Bloomberg reports that Apple's relaxing of its mask rules comes a week after the company removed its mask mandate for customers at many of its retail outlets but left the requirement in place for staff. However, it does still recommend that both shoppers and employees wear masks and is providing them upon request.

This isn't the first time Apple has dropped its mask requirements. Last June, it removed them at many stores and offices but brought the rules back in July following a new wave of Covid cases.

Additionally, Apple has announced that its Today at Apple in-person sessions are returning to retail stores following a two-year absence due to the pandemic. Their hiatus will end on March 7.

While Apple appears to be returning to normality, it still hasn't announced a return-to-the-office date for its corporate employees, which was delayed indefinitely from the original February 1 target. When that day does arrive, Apple will use a hybrid model that sees employees working three days in the office and two days from home.

The Verge notes that Google's Bay Area employees will return to its Bay Area offices in April and use a similar hybrid model as Apple. Twitter's staff go back on March 15, Meta's workers return on March 28, and Microsoft fully opened its headquarters on Monday.