Why it matters: More good news for those looking to upgrade their graphics card. After what has felt like decades of high prices and poor availability, the latest Nvidia and AMD products in Germany have reached their lowest price point since the start of 2021.

The latest report from 3DCenter shows that the RTX 3000-series and the Radeon RX 6000 cards at major German retailers are above their MSRP by 41% and 35%, respectively. That's still more than what you should be paying for the GPUs, of course, but it's the lowest prices we've seen since January 2021, when they were 42% (AMD) and 34% (Nvidia) over MSRP.

Prices for both companies' latest cards have been falling since December 12, when they were more than 80% over MSRP. The new figures are also a far cry from May 2021, when the GPUs were at their worst: 218% over MSRP for Nvidia and 116% over MSRP for AMD.

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Availability at German retailers has improved, too. All of Nvidia's items have four- or five-star ratings, while AMD, which has long suffered more than Nvidia in this area, also has four- and five-star ratings, the only exception being the three-star Radeon RX 6800.

3D Center notes that availability levels are actually at their highest since it started collating data. Tellingly, the price of Ethereum has fallen in line with graphics cards nearing their MSRPs.

Last month, we heard that graphics card shipments had improved in the fourth quarter of 2021, while our examination of the GPU market shows the lowest new GPU prices in a year, the best availability in some time, and significant drops in the used market. With the RTX 3090 Ti rumored to arrive on March 29, Nvidia reportedly readying two new GeForce RTX 3050 models, and the RTX 4000/Ryzen 6000/Intel Arc cards set to launch this year, it looks like we might have finally turned a corner.