In brief: Remember the 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen dashboard replacement that Mercedes-Benz showed off at last year's CES? The carmaker has just revealed interior shots of the 2023 EQS SUV, which gives buyers the option of that massive panel, and it looks pretty spectacular.

The MBUX Hyperscreen that launched in the EQS sedan will be an optional extra in the electric SUV, set to debut on April 19. It covers virtually all of the front dashboard and includes the instrument cluster, infotainment, and passenger display in the design.

The screen could be especially welcomed by those in the passenger seat, who get their own 12.3-inch OLED display and a control area that allows them to watch streaming content or TV while the vehicle is in motion.

That might sound dangerous for easily distracted drivers, but the SUV has a clever trick to prevent wandering eyes: if the interior camera detects a driver looking at the front passenger display, it will automatically dim the screen.

The MBUX Hyperscreen is backed by an eight-core CPU alongside 24GB of RAM, and the screen covering contains scratch-resistant aluminum silicate for durability and longevity. There are also a dozen actuators behind the display providing haptic feedback when needed, support for seven individual front passenger profiles, and AI-powered personalized suggestions based on changes in the surroundings and user behavior.

As for the rest of the 2023 EQS SUV's interior, it features leather and wood to create what Mercedes-Benz describes as a "lounge-like" ambiance and an air filtration system with a HEPA filter to eliminate fine particulates, pollen, and other contaminants. The vehicle also comes with optional third-row seating and an electrically adjustable second row, allowing up to seven passengers.