What just happened? Samsung has announced that its US customers will soon be able to self-repair their Galaxy devices, following a collaboration with repair company iFixit. The program launching this summer will give owners of Galaxy S20, S21, and Tab S7+ users direct access to genuine replacement parts, tools, and repair guides.

Consumer electronics are kinder to wallets and the environment if they're less frequently replaced and kept in working condition for longer. This is made possible by having such devices easier to repair, which considers not only hardware complexity but also the ease with which an average consumer can affordably and conveniently get their device back in shape.

It's why the right to repair legislation has been a topic of debate over the years, even forcing the likes of Apple to offer DIY repairs to customers this year, albeit only through its first-party Self Service Repair program.

Another big name joining this trend is Samsung, which has now come up with its own self-repair program for US customers, approaching it in a similar fashion as Microsoft did a few months ago for the Surface line by partnering with iFixit.

However, it seems for now that Samsung will only sell components directly to customers, but is also consulting with iFixit on repair tools and how-to guides. The announcement also reveals that a limited number of Galaxy models will initially be part of this program, including the entire S20 and S21 line, and the Tab S7+.

Once self-repair goes live in summer, Galaxy owners will be able to directly purchase genuine display assemblies, back glass, and charging ports for the aforementioned devices. These modules are usually more prone to damage than other components, and Samsung notes that customers will also be able to return used parts for recycling.