In a nutshell: You might be thinking a game this old couldn't possibly look too much better just with improved lighting, but I suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised by what the mod enables. Dimly-lit, ho-hum hallways transform into treacherous passageways full of mystique. If you've ever played Doom 3, the ambience feels a lot like that.

id Software's Quake II received the ray tracing treatment in 2019, and similar support came to Doom Eternal last year. Now, it's time for the game that started it all to get some new eye candy.

Modder sultim_t has added real-time path tracing support to the PrBoom source port of the 1993 classic.

The necessary source code and playable build can be downloaded over on GitHub, along with instructions on how to get up and running. Note that you'll need a copy of the game's original DOOM.wad file to play.

GitHub also plays host to an optional high-quality music pack and files to support Nvidia's DLSS rendering technology.

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