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Black Myth: Wukong and Naraka Bladepoint receive path tracing, plus RTX updates en route for other titles

Diablo 4 to receive ray tracing on March 26, Star Wars Outlaws adds RTXDI
Highly anticipated: Black Myth: Wukong has been one of the most impressive-looking upcoming games since its initial 2020 unveiling. With the release date a few months away, Nvidia has announced that it will become the third AAA game to employ path tracing. Additionally, the popular free-to-play game Naraka Bladepoint will receive path tracing through an update soon.
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AMD RDNA4 graphics cards may only receive a minor bump in ray tracing performance

Rumor mill: Although the last few generations of AMD graphics cards have matched their Nvidia equivalents in rasterization performance and often featured more memory, Team Red has been a step behind in hardware-accelerated ray tracing ever since it debuted in consumer hardware. New information regarding the company's next GPU lineup suggests the situation won't change.