In brief: The Anker 757 PowerHouse is a battery pack on steroids. Not only does it resemble a small PC, but it is heavier than most weighing in at 19.9kg / 43.9 lb and can also double as a UPS thanks to a 1229Wh battery capacity and 1500W power output.

Anker's latest and biggest portable power station is designed to keep your electronics juiced up for longer and should also help build some muscle as you carry it around. Anker claims the 757 PowerHouse is the world's most advanced and longest-lasting portable battery generator, a feat that it achieves using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries that have longer life spans and better charge/discharge efficiency over regular Lithium-ion packs.

To back these claims, Anker says the 757 PowerHouse will still be in good shape after 3,000 complete charge cycles and uses high-quality components rated at 50,000 hours of life expectancy. Buyers of this $1,400 battery pack also get a 5-year full device warranty.

To justify that price tag, Anker has gone with an aluminum alloy build on the outside, which is corrosion and temperature resistant for added durability, and also loaded the power station in terms of specs to support phones and PC charging, kitchen appliances, and CPAP machines.

It includes 4 x USB-A ports (12W), 2 x USB-C ports (100W, 60W) and 6 x AC outlets with a max 1500W power output. There's also a 120W car socket. The power pack's 1229Wh capacity means it can power a 1150W electric grill for nearly 50 minutes or a 35W fan for over a day.

Recharging, meanwhile, can be done via the 1000W AC plug that refills the battery pack from zero to over 80 percent in 1 hour with a full recharge in 1.5 hours. It can also receive power via solar panels, such as Anker's own upcoming 100W 625 solar panel series. Combine three of these panels to reach 80 percent charge in 3.6 hours.

Other useful features include a power-saving mode and an informative display to show power levels, active ports, and extreme temperature warnings. There's also a wide and bright LED light bar and a flat top design for placing essentials. The Anker 757 is now up for preorder in the US with a special $200 early bird discount on Anker's official website. General availability begins May 9th.