Something to look forward to: Are you a Transformers fan who would think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on an Optimus Prime collectible that can really transform? If so, you've probably already got the 19-inch model that Robosen Robotics and Hasbro released last year, and now there's a $750 companion trailer and roller set on the way that also automatically changes.

If, like this writer, you were the proud owner of some Transformers toys in the 1980s, including the Optimus Prime truck and trailer, these modern incarnations will likely make your heart flutter and wallet weep.

The replica Autobot leader, which also costs $750, measures 19 inches, comes with 27 servo motors, and has 80 sound effects, including spoken dialogue by original voice actor Peter Cullen. It can walk as a robot, automatically transform into a truck and vice versa, and is able to drive around in the wheeled form. You can even issue voice commands and program it.

For owners who feel their Optimus Prime is incomplete, Robosen Robotics and Hasbro are launching a trailer and roller kit. Measuring a monstrous three feet in length, it features eight individual servo motors, 60 microcontrollers, and 2,000 components that enable it to open out and stand up vertically to expose its articulating sentry gun.

Nested inside the trailer is the Roller vehicle and human sidekick Spike. You can control both the truck and roller car using an app or your voice, or you can have Optimus Prime tow it.

Preorders for the trailer kit are now available with a $100 deposit. Shipping is expected in November 2022 and is limited to the US and Canada.