Highly anticipated: Sony released more details about its refreshed PlayStation Plus subscription last week, adding a library of recent and classic games. As the service prepares to roll out in Asia this week, players have discovered even more titles and details that Sony failed to mention.

Some classic games from the original PlayStation and PlayStation Portable have started appearing on the PlayStation Store in Malaysia. Initial tests give users in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand a better idea of how the games will run on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 when they arrive in those territories in June.

YouTuber Mystic (above) downloaded Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee --- which Sony didn't mention in its launch game list for PlayStation Plus --- on PS5 and used it to showcase what features PS1 games will have. Mystic reveals that these games allow players to pick between scaling methods, aspect ratios, and an optional CRT filter to help present these low-resolution games on modern displays. A few other surprises are Ridge Racer 2 for the PSP, Ape Escape, and Tekken 2, which screenshots show are playable in 4K.

While Sony's classics are free to Premium subscribers, members of other tiers are welcome to purchase the games, though Sony failed to mention pricing. Judging by the Malaysian releases, they will be in the range of $5 to $10.

For example, Oddworld costs around $5 while Worms Armageddon is about $9. Users paid roughly the same prices for PS1 games on the PlayStation 3 and PSP. Anyone who already bought these games on previous systems won't need to pay for them again.

Another revelation is that games like the original Syphon Filter and Hot Shots Golf will come with Trophies, but others like Oddworld won't. Making trophies optional could increase the pace of classic re-releases.

Since announcing it would include classic games with PlayStation Plus Premium subscriptions, today's details paint a surprisingly positive picture of how Sony plans to treat its decades-long back catalog.