In a nutshell: Apple's annual dev conference is less than a week away. The event typically focuses on software development but it's not uncommon for Apple to throw a few hardware refreshes into the mix to keep things interesting. Anticipation for this year's keynote is higher than usual as some believe Apple may finally introduce a new product category in the form of its long-rumored AR / VR headset. According to one well-respected analyst, however, it is unlikely to happen at WWDC 2022.

Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter said he doesn't believe we will see the headset and rumored operating system, realityOS, next week simply because the device hasn't entered mass production yet. If Apple were to showcase the headset this far out from launch, competitors would likely copy the company's ideas and get them to market sooner than Cupertino can.

Kuo also mentions 2023 as Apple's target launch window.

If AR / VR hardware is off the table for next week, what might we see instead? News about the next version of iOS is almost a certainty, and multitasking-related changes could be coming to iPadOS. On the hardware side, an updated MacBook Air sporting a refreshed chassis and MagSafe could materialize, as could a refreshed Mac Pro.

We might also hear more about Apple's M2 silicon. According to an April report, Apple is testing as many as nine M2-powered Macs.

WWDC 2022 kicks off on June 6.