In brief: We've seen working Apple-1 computers sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past, but this latest model has some standout features: not only does the machine come with most of its original components, but it's also been signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Only 200 Apple-1 computers were designed by Steve Wozniak and assembled and tested by Steve Jobs, his sister Patty Jobs, and Daniel Kottke in the Jobs' Los Altos home. After finishing the machines in 1976, 175 were sold to a computer shop in Mountain View, California, and this is one of the 80 that still exist today.

The seller of this particular Apple-1 is famed collector Jimmy Grewal, founder of the Dubai-based AAPL Collection that boasts almost 200 Apple computers. He says money from the sale will be used to take his "Apple museum" to more places.

What's likely to make this Apple-1 more appealing is that it was signed by its creator, Steve Wozniak, last year. A few Apple-1 computers bear Woz's signature, but this is believed to be the only one signed on the white ceramic 6502 processor.

Additionally, this model---machine number 89---has almost all of its original working components, is fully functional, and is thought to be the first Apple-1 used outside of America.

The auction starts on June 2, 2022, and will run until June 12. It's expected to bring between $460,000 and $485,000. That's more than two recent Apple-1 sales, including this one in a Koa wood case, but around half the record amount someone paid; a model sold for $950,000 in 2014.