Highly anticipated: Bioware's next RPG epic, Dragon Age 4, has been getting several teasers and rumors lately – Twitter posts, short clips, and interviews that give us small hints about the game's potential storyline. However, aside from these tidbits, Bioware has remained largely silent about the game as a whole, with no indication of when we might hear more or even learn its official name.

That silence was finally partially broken today. Just a few hours ago, Bioware announced some important news: Dragon Age 4 has been officially dubbed "Dragon Age: Dreadwolf." Though I'm not overly familiar with Dragon Age's lore (I only played Origins), Bioware claims the "Dread Wolf" moniker refers to Solas, a former party member in Dragon Age inquisition.

This time around, he won't be helping the protagonist along their journey – he'll be hindering them. The elven mage has seemingly transitioned from hero to villain in this title, given that Bioware describes him as an antagonist with "inscrutable" motives and "questionable" methods.

Bioware assures players that, whether they've met Solas in a Dragon Age game before or not, they shouldn't worry: he will "properly introduce himself when the time is right," whatever that means.

Outside of the vague plot details mentioned above, Bioware has given us a few other useful bits of info. First, the game won't be releasing this year (no surprises there), so anyone who was holding out hope for a Holiday 2022 launch for Dreadwolf will need to adjust their expectations. However, don't fret, because there's good news, too.

While we won't get an actual 2022 release, Bioware is planning some sort of reveal later this year. We aren't sure what its contents will be, but gameplay footage and an info dump seem like safe bets, given how long it's been since Dreadwolf was first teased.