Highly anticipated: Apple announced its upcoming major operating system updates at last month's WWDC. The company released iOS 16's first public beta today, so interested users can start testing out the many changes it brings to the lock screen, messages, car play, email, and other areas.

Those looking to test Apple's iOS 16 can install the first public beta starting today. Just sign up on the Apple Beta Software Program web page and enroll the Apple device on which you want to install the beta. iOS 16 supports iPhone 8 and later.

Users should expect this version of the OS to be significantly buggier than the general release coming later this year. You should also back up your device and any important data before installing the beta.

The iPhone's next OS brings significant changes to the lock screen, which will display much more information and give users greater freedom to customize it. Users will be able to see widgets for things like health, calendars, and the weather without needing to swipe to other menus.

Messages in iOS 16 will add edit, undo, and undo delete functions, as well as the ability to paste objects from photos. iCloud will start letting groups of users share photos. Apple will also start trying to get rid of passwords by letting users log into websites, apps, and other services with Face ID or Touch ID. Many more changes are coming to CarPlay, Apple Maps, Safari, Apple News, and more.