Something to look forward to: Naughty Dog had already confirmed its PlayStation 5 remake of The Last of Us would eventually land on the PC. However, someone from the studio recently indicated that PC users shouldn't need to wait too long after the initial PS5 launch. Naughty Dog also released a new deep-dive on the upcoming title.

Over the weekend, a senior artist from Naughty Dog hinted that the studio's remake of the original The Last of Us will hit PC "very soon" after it releases on PlayStation 5. Those words are vague, but they may set a precedent for the cadence of Sony's PC ports going forward.

So far, all of the former PlayStation-exclusive games Sony has brought to PC arrived on the platform multiple years after releasing on PlayStation 4. However, they all initially came out on PS4 before Sony started porting games to PC. The company hasn't yet indicated how quickly it will release PC conversions of games made after the start of its multi-platform policy. Horizon Forbidden West launched on PS5 in February but thus far, Sony hasn't confirmed a PC version.

Naughty Dog's hint comes after the studio published a deep-dive video explaining everything it did to refresh The Last of Us, which it originally released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3. Naughty Dog rebuilt every model and texture from scratch, overhauled the enemy AI, and added extensive accessibility features.

The Last of Us lands on PS5 on September 2.