WTF?! Are you tired of using the same old silver or greyish thermal paste? Wouldn't it be great if somebody made an outlandishly colored material that would look great as it's being applied, even if you only see the stuff when changing CPUs/coolers or applying a new layer? That's where Cooler Master comes in. The company has unveiled its new CryoFuze Violet thermal compound, a paste so purple it would have made Prince envious.

In all fairness to Cooler Master, it isn't trying to sell the CryoFuze Violet based on its color alone. The company says the paste uses nanoparticles to deliver enhanced thermal conductivity. It adds that the balanced viscosity and electrically insulated composition allow for excellent bonding as well as easy application and clean-up.

The paste is also non-corrosive and oxidation resistant, which means it won't solidify or dry out over the years. Moreover, CryoFuze Violet thermal compound can maintain stability from as low as -50C all the way up to 240C, and it has a conductivity value of 12.6 W/mK. For comparison, the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut premium paste has a thermal Conductivity of 12.5 W/mk. You also get the usual injection tube for applying it to your hardware. The paste is available now for $31.

Cooler Master also sells purple thermal pads that can be used on a wide range of components. Like the thermal compound, they also boast nanoelements within their material.

A purple thermal paste isn't going to obviously complement your all-purple gaming PC setup, of course, but if you're the kind of person who owns a Cooler Master purple chassis, gaming chair, and other purpley products, just knowing that the compound keeping your CPU chilly is color coordinated will likely bring you some peace of mind.

Cooler Master is no stranger to the non-conventional. Last year it unveiled what was described as a fully immersive, multi-purpose, semi-enclosed workstation for professionals and gamers alike. It also looked like a massive egg covered in RGB lighting and enough gamer-focused features to ensure someone would be happy to live in it.