For nearly two decades, CCleaner has been a favorite app for users who want to quickly and easily give their PCs that fresh-install feel, where everything zips along cleanly and smoothly. Just click on the program's Health Check feature and following a quick scan you'll see all the junk files and trackers bogging down a system. CCleaner can remove all those unwanted files with the click of a button, speeding up a PC.

Much like a home, not giving your PC the occasional virtual cleaning can lead to a build-up of junk: temporary files, duplicates, software leftovers, etc. Manually removing all this redundant data to speed up a machine can be an arduous task, but CCleaner has been automating the process since 2004.

For the next 4 weeks, you can grab a year's subscription to the Professional version of the app and all its extra features for just $1, saving yourself $29.

The standard cleaning features are available in the free version of CCleaner, but those who upgrade to the full version receive a slew of extras that can improve a PC's performance even further. In the Health Check option, for example, Pro users are able to see and disable startup apps slowing down boot times.

Taking advantage of the $1 Pro offer will also get you CCleaner's software updater, which can improve security by ensuring apps (over 200 are supported) are running their latest versions.

You also get a driver updater that scans for out-of-date drivers and can automatically update them all with the click of a button.

The feature has a library of over 25 million drivers and 'Portal Matching' tech that can search and find items even when the original manufacturers have abandoned them. With 70% of BSODs the result of problematic drivers, this comes extra handy.

Another more recent addition to CCleaner Professional is the Performance Optimizer. The feature scans a PC for all inactive programs that might be draining resources and puts them to sleep when not in use, much like what Android does with apps that aren't activated often.

Once the apps are needed, they're instantly enabled before being disabled again when no longer in use, which means no trawling through background activities or task manager processes.

Altering the Windows registry can be a daunting prospect, too, but over time it can become clogged with missing or broken items when installing and uninstalling software or updates.

CCleaner's registry tool seeks out the likes of missing shared DLLs and unused file extensions, giving users the option to delete them and reduce the number of system crashes.

Note that a basic knowledge of what you're removing is recommended, as is selecting the option to make a backup of the registry first.

You can download the free version of CCleaner to see the many Pro features yourself as it doubles as a type of trial version – the performance optimizer, software and driver updaters, real-time monitoring, registry cleaner, priority support, and all the other top tools unlock after upgrading.

A 12-month Pro subscription usually costs $29.95, but you can get it for just $1 for a limited time, a special offer for TechSpot readers only.