In brief: Many users like to keep their systems clean of unnecessary files with apps like CCleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner. Microsoft appears to be quietly working on a first-party alternative that could soon appear on the Microsoft Store, but it might also just be another way to push the company's Edge browser.

Recent reports have revealed a PC Manager app that Microsoft is quietly testing. It appears to repackage many functions already found elsewhere in Windows while adding new tools to help users free up system space.

Earlier this year, the PC Manager beta app appeared on the Chinese version of the Microsoft Store. Italian PC site Aggiornamenti Lumia believes it has been submitted to other regional MS stores but isn't yet visible, indicating a public release could be imminent.

English-language screenshots of PC Manager show a taskbar app with functionality similar to CCleaner. It allows users to clean up temporary image files, system logs, and other unwanted storage wasters. The app can also search for large files taking up storage space and free up additional RAM.

It could be nice for new Windows users to have these features without needing to install extra software, but PC Manager doesn't look as extensive as CCleaner or similar programs. It isn't clear if the app highlights specific programs from which to clean up files (like web browsers) or contains secure deletion functions.

The PC Manager app includes other tools like a health check, storage management, threat scanning, and management of startup apps. Users can already find these in the Windows settings menus and the Defender app, but gathering functions related to system performance in one place could be a smart move by Microsoft.

The startup apps feature shows users the performance impact of each program that starts with Windows, potentially revealing bloatware or rarely-used apps to remove. It also includes the Task Manager's ability to end unneeded processes. Unfortunately, PC Manager tries to convince users to switch their default internet browser to Microsoft Edge.

Users interested in trying the PC Manager beta can download it from our mirror. It's unclear when the stable version will be available on the Microsoft Store.