Highly anticipated: Cyan's graphic adventure game Myst has received several re-releases and remakes over the decades, but none of its sequels have. However, Cyan just announced a Riven remake. The title could be similar to its most recent Myst reboot, which features Unreal Engine 4 graphics and VR compatibility.

On Sunday, Cyan Worlds revealed it is working on the first-ever remake of Riven, the 1997 sequel to the company's legendary adventure game Myst. Cyan admitted the new Riven project started due to the passionate revival of the Myst fanbase after several reboots.

There isn't much information on the development yet, as it's still in early development. Cyan said it isn't a remaster of the original version's static backgrounds. Players can traverse Riven's environments in full 3D for the first time in this from-the-ground-up remake. The developer may reveal other traversal methods later.

The original Myst --- one of the 90's biggest PC gaming hits --- upgraded from static CGI environments to 3D traversal when Cyan released realMyst in 2000. Along with multiple console ports, realMyst received a remaster in 2014.

The most recent version of Myst, featuring more detailed modern graphics, came to Oculus VR headsets in 2020, then to PC and Xbox the following year (VR headset optional). Announcing a Riven remake only a year later suggests it could meet similar technical specifications, but Cyan hasn't yet confirmed this. The studio also hasn't said which platforms would receive the remake.

The developer says it waited over two decades to revisit Riven due to the company's small size and out of caution for such a beloved classic. An initial stepping stone was the Starry Expanse Project --- an attempt by fans to remake Riven in 3D that has been in development for over a decade.

Starry Expanse agreed to cease development and provide its materials to the studio to help with its official remake. Cyan also hired one Starry Expanse team member.

There are six Myst games in all. Although all are available on Steam and GOG (Myst and Riven are also on mobile storefronts), the titles following Riven have received no remasters, remakes, or ports to modern platforms. Although it is speculatory this early, Cyan could revisit the rest of the series if the Myst and Riven remakes receive outstanding commercial performance.