What just happened? Sony has announced that the PlayStation VR 2, or PSVR 2, will launch on February 22, 2023, with pre-orders opening on November 15---you can register for an invitation to preorder right now. It also revealed the headset's price, and it's a lot: $549.99, more expensive than the PlayStation 5 console.

As per PlayStation.Blog, that $549.99/€599.99 /£529.99 price---the original PSVR launched at $399---will include the headset, Sense controllers, and stereo headphones. For those who want something to play on their new device, there's a more expensive ($599.99/€649.99/£569.99) bundle pack that also includes Horizon Call of the Mountain along with everything in the standard pack.

On the same day the PSVR 2 launches, the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station will also be available for $49.99/€49.99/£39.99. It allows Sense controller owners to charge the devices using a click-in design without the need to connect to a PS5 console.

It's also noted that standalone PSVR 2 titles, including Horizon Call of the Mountain, will be available to pre-order starting this month, with more details to follow. In a separate announcement, Sony revealed 11 new PSVR 2 games are coming next year---read more about those here. The company said it is expecting more than 20 titles at launch.

Those who live in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg will only be able to pre-order the PlayStation VR2 through PlayStation's online store at direct.playstation.com

The PSVR 2 features headset feedback, eye tracking (provided by Tobii), 3D audio, and adaptive triggers/haptic feedback from the Sense controllers. It uses four integrated cameras that track a user's body position and controllers in real-time.

The PSVR 2 also boasts a 2,000 x 2,040 per eye resolution, ~110-degree field of view, and 120Hz refresh rate on its OLED HDR displays. It connects to the PS5 via a single USB Type-C cable. Sony says the headset is slightly slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, sports an integrated vent for extra airflow, and has a lens adjustment dial for a more customized feel. We'll have to wait until next year to discover if it justifies that high asking price.