In brief: The holidays are upon us and I can think of just a handful of gifts that keep on giving. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is among them, and a new DLC-sized mod out now adds a ton of fresh content to the timeless wonder.

Warden of the Coast from Nexus Mods user TheBawb is a fully-voiced adventure inspired by the game mechanics of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. In it, you'll travel to an isolated island to earn the loyalty of nine companions, prevent a daedric lord from reassuming power and close the gates to Oblivion once again - all while exploring two new worlds and 19 new interiors.

Each companion has their own corresponding loyalty questline with over 9,000 lines of combined voice dialogue from 27 actors. Players will be able to level up companions and revive them during combat, we're told. There are also seven romance questlines and five primary endings with 10-15 hours of gameplay per playthrough.

Warden of the Coast has no requirements outside of the base game. To install, simply unzip the package and add the files to your Skyrim data folder.

Skyrim landed way back in 2011 but it doesn't feel that long ago considering all the new versions of the game that keep getting released. The latest, the Anniversary Edition, came down the pike just over a year ago.

TheBawb is working on an update that will make the player's romantic partner (if applicable) a marriage candidate at the conclusion of their questline. Notably, the update would not require users to replay the quest for the changes to be applied.

The developer would also like to remake the Oblivion world with higher quality assets, swap out the hug animation for a kiss animation, add party idle banter and create an Xbox port, among others, but there is currently no timeline for such changes.

Why the BioWare-style companions, you ask? It's a shameless job request. At the end of the mod page, TheBawb included an image asking BioWare for a job. That's certainly one way to get your resume to stand out from the crowd.