What just happened? Susan Wojcicki is stepping down as CEO of YouTube after nine years at the helm and nearly 25 years with Google. In a note sent to YouTube employees, Wojcicki reflected on her career with Google and the many hats she has worn including managing marketing, co-creating Google Image Search, working on the DoubleClick and YouTube acquisitions, serving as SVP of Ads, leading Google's first Book and Video search and most recently, running YouTube. She also helped to spearhead the regular use of Google Doodles.

"It's been exhilarating, meaningful, and all-consuming," she added.

Wojcicki joined Google in the very early days. In fact, she allowed co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to set up their office in her garage. Accounts vary but most agree that she ended up being among the first 20 people employed by Google.

Now at the age of 54, Wojcicki has decided to step back and start a new chapter in her life that focuses on family, health and personal projects she is passionate about.

Moving forward, Neal Mohan will serve as the new head of YouTube. Mohan joined Google in 2007 as part of the DoubleClick acquisition and accepted the position of chief product officer for YouTube in 2015. He has played a major role in some of YouTube's biggest products in recent years including YouTube TV, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

In the short term, Wojcicki will assist Mohan with the transition of power. In the longer term, she has agreed to serve in an advisory role across Alphabet and Google. This, she said, will allow her to offer guidance across the portfolio of Alphabet companies based on her many years of experience.

Wojcicki said it is an incredibly important time for Google right now – one that reminds her of earlier days filled with huge opportunities, incredible product and technology innovation, and a healthy disregard for the impossible. She is confident that with Mohan sailing the ship, YouTube as a whole is in good hands.

Image credit: Kancelaria Premiera