What just happened? AMD's campaign to push people into buying one of its graphics cards rather than the RTX 4070 has moved into the discount stage. After essentially mocking Nvidia's cards for not having as much VRAM as team red's equivalent offerings, an AMD AIB partner has dropped the prices of the Radeon RX 6950 XT and RX 6800 XT last-gen products.

Now that the RTX 4070 is finally here, AMD has started a dissuasion campaign. It began with a lengthy post yesterday outlining the benefits of more VRAM, which most of its cards have, at a time when the industry has embraced movie-quality textures, complex shaders, and higher-resolution outputs.

Now, some AMD cards are suddenly cheaper than they were a few days ago. Videocardz spotted the Phantom Gaming Radeon RX 6950 XT from Asrock has dropped from $679 to $629 on Newegg. But thanks to an included $20-off promo code, buyers can get it for $609 - just $10 more than the RTX 4070's MSRP. If that's not enough, it also comes with a free gift: a code for The Last of Us Part 1, worth $60.

According to our recent look at the game and how well it runs on various GPUs, the RX 6950 XT pushes out an average of 75 fps at 1440p with the settings at Ultra Quality.

Another Asrock card, the Phantom Gaming Radeon RX 6800 XT, is available for a low price of $539. It also comes with a free copy of The Last of Us. This less powerful AMD GPU still manages 63 fps in TLOU with the same settings.

Whether the discounts persuade people to go with team red instead of team green remains to be seen. In our review of the RTX 4070, it was found to have an average of 175 fps across 13 games at 1080p, putting it slightly ahead of the cheaper RX 6800 XT and 16 fps slower than the RX 6950 XT. However, Nvidia's card does come with DLSS 3.0 and frame generation, as well as better ray tracing performance.