What just happened? Apple is expanding its Self Service Repair program to include newer iPhone and Mac models. The program, which was announced in late 2021 and starting rolling out in the spring of the following year, provides an avenue for technically inclined users to get their hands on genuine Apple components, manuals, and tools to facilitate at-home repairs.

Self Service Repair initially supported just a handful of iPhone models but grew in scope over 2022 to include select Mac models. In December, Apple expanded its reach to eight additional countries including France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

The newly announced expansion includes support for the entire iPhone 14 lineup as well as the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro featuring M2 silicon.

Those interested in tackling a repair at home can grab a manual directly from Apple and head over to the Self Service Repair Store to order parts and tools. As Cal noted last year, doing the job yourself may or may not save you any money versus having a professional perform a fix when you factor in the cost of tool rental.

Apple said it has also made the system configuration process for iPhone repairs easier to use. This post-repair software tool ensures repairs have been performed with genuine Apple parts, that the job was done correctly, and that all parts are calibrated and performing as they should. Moving forward, users will no longer have to contact the Self Service Repair support team to initiate the final step of a repair but they will still be available to assist if needed.

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If you would rather not attempt a repair yourself, Apple has plenty of professional options to choose from. Cupertino has a global network of more than 5,000 authorized service providers supporting more than 100,000 active technicians including all Best Buy locations in the US.

Image credit: Tools by Joel Rohland, Repair by Revendo.