Rumor mill: Lenovo is reportedly entering the increasingly crowded handheld PC market. The Chinese tech giant is said to be preparing a device called the Legion Go that will come with Windows 11, much like the Asus ROG Ally. It also boasts an AMD chip and an 8-inch screen.

News of Lenovo's handheld comes exclusively from Windows Central. The publication cites unnamed sources, so a pinch of salt might be required, but with PC handhelds getting more popular, it's easy to imagine Lenovo is developing another device to compete with the likes of the Steam Deck.

The report states that the Legion Go will feature one of AMD's Phoenix chips, which were announced earlier this year. The fact it carries Lenovo's Legion name, used on its gaming-focused products such as monitors and laptops, indicates that this is a gaming-first device, as one would expect.

This isn't the first time we've heard of Lenovo working on a gaming handheld. Back in October 2021, images of an Android-based device (top) called the Lenovo Legion Play were posted by Liliputing. Described as the first Android cloud gaming console, it was said to feature a 7-inch 16:9 FHD bezel-less display (even though it wasn't bezel-less), HDR 10, built-in controllers, dual speakers, dual vibration, and a 7, 000mAh battery.

Lenovo was supposed to show off the Legion Play at its Mobile World Congress 2021 presentation, but it never appeared, possibly because the company was worried about comparisons with the then-upcoming Steam Deck. That's understandable, given that the Play was Android/cloud-based.

The Legion Play never arrived, perhaps due to Lenovo deciding to develop a more powerful, Windows 11-based device that can compete better with Valve's handheld and the Asus ROG Ally.

Some of the alleged details of the Legion Go include an 8-inch screen, one inch larger than the Ally and Steam Deck displays.

Handheld gaming has seen a huge resurgence in popularity since the 2017 launch of the Nintendo Switch, which is now the third-best-selling console of all time. The Steam Deck's arrival was a revelation for PC fans – Valve's device is expected to pass the '3 million units sold' milestone this year. We also have the Asus ROG Ally, GPD Win 4, Ayaneo 2, and more. If Lenovo does release the Legion Go, it will need something special to stand out from the crowd.