Editors Liked

  • Works with Hero4 and Hero5 cameras, Includes handheld grip for gimbal, Solid tutorial for beginning pilots, Remote has integrated display, Some automated flight features, Easy offline map downloads, Includes backpack
  • Versatile, Simple, Portable
  • Easy to use, Can be used for video on land or air, Builtin display on controller, Includes handheld stabilizer, Direct control of GoPro camera in flight and with the stabilizer, The stabilizer is also compatible with GoPro accessories

Editors Didn't Like

  • Short 15-minute flight time, Very limited suburban operating range, GoPro camera not ideal for aerial work, Remote screen is prone to glare, Omits obstacle avoidance and follow mode
  • Underpowered, Lacks range, No follow mode, No obstacle avoidance
  • No obstacle avoidance, No follow me mode or other smart features, No downward positioning sensor, Modest battery life