Reviewers Liked

  • Small, discrete design, Comfortable, Carrying case doubles as charging system, Relatively short recharge time, Multiple charges from case, Case can charge smartphones as well, Affordably priced
  • Multifunctional charging case, Small footprint, 60 hour battery life with Power Case, Good sound (when they work)
  • Great design, Good battery life, Comfortable
  • $79 cost is cheap compared to others, Good battery life considering the size, Versatile charging case doubles as a battery pack
  • Great sound quality, Portable charging features, Simple, intuitive operation, Great value compared to competitive products

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • A bit difficult to get out of the case with bigger fingers, Average sound with little to no bass, Occasional cutting out, moreso when battery low, LED light hard to see from certain angles, Takes about 10s to turn on, not 3 as stated in manual, Minimal on
  • Spotty connection, Muddy sound at ⅔ volume, Unreliable fit
  • Average sound output, Facebook Comments, ShareTweet
  • Subpar audio quality, Weak volume output, Becomes loose fitting with exercising, Minimal playback controls
  • Bullet shape may not work for everyone (can slip out), Outgoing voice is not great for calls, Limited functionality may not work for some