Reviewers Liked

  • The Stadion looks really interesting and different than your typical neckbandstyle of Bluetooth earbuds. It's nice to see one that isn't trying to look like a pair of Powerbeats
  • Sound quality is decent, and for gym users or runners they will stay in place the entire workout
  • Solid audio performance with crisp, clear high-mids and highs, Stylish, reflective design, Secure fit

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The button controls are on the solid plastic piece in the middle of the Stadion. Not only are they hard to reach sometimes, but the whole piece itself likes to twist thanks to the coiled cord. This, obviously, makes it even more difficult to press the but
  • Button placement is just odd
  • Not for those seeking massive bass sound, Eartips don't seal off ear canal