BeyerDynamic T70




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By on 80

Not only is £456 a rather specific amount of money, it’s also a rather large amount of money. And while the T70 headphones are big and chunky, and have a suitably chunky carry-case, they don’t quite feel like £456-worth. Mind you,...

By Headfonia on

Overall Beyerdynamic made a very good closed headphone. It is very addictive and it definitely delivers an enjoyable sound (keep in mind the Beyerdynamic sound signature is still present). The T70 does like quality recordings and higher bitrate...

International Review By on 100

De stora lurarna har mycket teknik gemensamt med de mer än dubbelt så dyra T1-lurarna, men i T70 är aluminiumkåporna helt slutna för att dämpa ljud utifrån bättre. Och så klarar man sig undan med mindre...