Reviewers Liked

  • Tweet, Share, Pin, If you've ever tried typing a memo or a lengthy reply to an email on your smartphone, then you've probably experienced that frustration of cramped fingers, getting the cursor in the right position, or wrestling with highlighting a bit o
  • Ultralightweight and compact, Very easy to type on, Spillproof, Quiet, Compatible with Android and Windows (there's also an iOS model)
  • Thin, light, and compact; doesn't require cover, Spillresistant fabric that's easy to clean, Convenient shortcut keys
  • Extremely light and portable, Great battery life, Durable, rubber skin, Quiet operation, Use with any case, Works with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • Lightweight and compact. Familiar keyboard layout. FabricSkin material is spill/dirt proof and cleans easily
  • You can use any case, Great battery life
  • Thin and light, Runs for up to three months per charge, Specialty iOS keys, easy to wipe clean, Decent feel for something so thin
  • Very portable, Spill resistant, Good typing experience, Works equally well with iPad and iPhone

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The keyboard layout is just a little too cramped for my taste, For the price, there are many fuller-sized options
  • I sometimes miss the spacebar since it's so close to the edge of the keyboard, No backlighting
  • Lackluster travel and feedback, Fairly pricey
  • Slighty expensive, Not very tactile, Ill suited for laptyping
  • Frustratingly inconsistent performance. Relatively expensive. FabricSkin material reduces the tactile feel of the keyboard
  • Slides around on smooth work surfaces
  • Not as comfortable for typing as a standard keyboard with island keys
  • Expensive, Cannot be used easily on the lap, No CAPS LOCK indicator