Reviewers Liked

  • Reasonably priced and affordable, Very easy to set up and use, with the software also being versatile and easy to use, Sturdy and well designed, looking and feeling great, Great, responsive, performance for both writing and gaming, The hybrid keys work we
  • Good gaming performance, Strategic pricing, OLED display with multimedia controls, Minimalist design
  • Hybrid switch feels more mechanical than membrane, Sleek design with OLED screen, Strong RGB options, Wrist rest included
  • Reasonable price, Good in-game performance, Smart multimedia key

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • However, the OLED is underused and feels superfluous, The wrist rest isn't exactly comfortable or that supportive, Only one multimedia button which, due to the potential of accidental repeated presses, is best ignored, No visible display or identifier
  • Non-detachable cable, Keys are too quiet
  • Fully mechanical keyboards available in same price range, Single button for all media controls, Wrist rest isn't very supportive
  • Membrane/mechanical hybrid doesn't add much, Somewhat dull lighting, Superfluous OLED screen