Reviewers Liked

  • Extremely fast CPU performance, good storage speeds from NVMe SSD, strong build in spite of plastic construction, great input devices, fast SD card reader, relatively quiet operation, very good battery life, robust security options
  • Stable chassis, rubber around display against dirt, 180° hinge, SIM slot, fast SD card reader, great input devices, quiet during Idle, efficient Idle, great battery life during light tasks
  • Oldschool "pointing" stick eraser nub mouse in keyboard, Powerful, with options out the wazoo
  • Fast performance, Long battery life, Comfortable keyboard, Plenty of security options

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Dreary, dim screen is nigh-unusable in brighter environments, somewhat heavy for its size and class, no standard Thunderbolt 3, fairly loud under load
  • Rather heavy, no standard Thunderbolt 3, security features almost entirely optional, no keyboard backlighting (optional), dark display, high latency due to driver issues, often not faster than predecessor, SSD average, energy consumption and noise under
  • It's not the sexiest design, Fingerprint reader isn't fast, Resolution tops out at 1080p
  • Uninspiring display, Poor audio, Heats up