Editors Liked

  • Low cost, Quick at simple tasks, Compact and lightweight, Transforms into a tablet
  • Long battery life, Comfortable keyboard, Affordable price, Relatively rare HDMI port
  • Bright screen, Good size and weight, True 10-hour battery life, Good storage and memory, Admirable performance
  • Slim design, Battery life, Inexpensive price, Performance, Google Play Store
  • Excellent build quality, satin finish resists fingerprints, good screen with deep blacks, long battery run times, compact and lightweight, good performance for a budget Chromebook, excellent compatibility with Android apps, fanless design, excellent temp
  • Pricing equates to a great value, 9 to 10-hour battery life, Durable build quality with a modern aesthetic, Moderately powerful processor, Android apps, Relatively low weight
  • $280 (and $180 on sale) is incredibly cheap, Most Chromebooks at this price go for TN panels, IPS is a surprise, Not creaky, good fit and finish, Big, pleasant texture, works as well as those in more expensive laptops (even if it's plastic)

Editors Didn't Like

  • Poor performance in Android apps, Small screen with big bezels, Wobbly hinge mechanism
  • Dull, low-res display, Underwhelming performance
  • White shows scratches and grime, Closer auto-update expiration date than most new models
  • Keyboard is mediocre, port selection is limited, no upgrades possible, Chrome OS is still limited compared to Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • The overall design has drawbacks in tablet mode, Lower-resolution display, Brightness feels too low, 1-megapixel webcam sensor, No stylus
  • No magnet to hold the display in position as a tablet, MediaTek's MTK8173C is acceptable, but nothing more, A bit shallow given how much thickness Lenovo had to work with, not backlit, 200 nits is a bit dim, Rattles on tap (my Chromebook pet peeve), It's
  • Mediatek chip has mixed performance