Reviewers Liked

  • Very good battery life with standard battery, superb with extended one, “Power Bridge” battery hot-swapping, Superior keyboard, screen, Solid performance, Durability features, Configure-to-order to match business needs
  • Extensively configurable, nice surfaces, decent connectivity, docking port, diverse security features, good WiFi reception, two batteries, one removable from outside, no PWM, three-year on-site warranty, outstanding keyboard, very good touchpad, impeccab
  • Long battery life w/ high-capacity battery, Comfortable keyboard, Accurate touchpad and TrackPoint, Durable design

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Staid design, No GPU upgrade available
  • Expensive, unstable on left side, manufacturing flaws in casing and TrackPoint keys, opening with one hand not possible, needs to be disassembled for maintenance, less than ideal, too dark IPS panel, low color space coverage
  • Display not very colorful, No PCIe SSD Option