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Expert reviews and ratings

By ImpulseGamer on 80

4Roswell BoundThe area you can cover with your big rig has just expanded. New Mexico has now been opened up to your truck and the sites and history of the area is yours to explore! When I first learned of the New Mexico DLC for American Truck Simulator...

By PC Gamer on 80

A great start, but American Truck Simulator will really begin to take shape when more states and trucks are...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

American Truck Simulator puts you behind the wheel of the biggest beasts of the road and sets you free to explore in your own way, taking in the scenery while keeping an eye on traffic, and just maybe, even learning to back 18 wheels of pure trucking muscle into its target drop-off point. If you’re going to live a driving fantasy, after all, you might as well fantasize big.

By Hooked Gamers on 84

Get your motor runnin' I don't want to be a truck driver. It seems terribly stressful, sticking to strict deadlines and being away from home a lot, not to mention having to operate a highly dangerous piece of machinery. However, I've been in love with...

By New Game Network on 70

American Truck Simulator offers a decent big rig experience for an agreeable price, but it's underwhelming if you consider the existence of...

By Gaming Nexus on 85

As a fan of Euro Truck Simulator 2, I have been anticipating the launch of American Truck Simulator for some time. Europe was great, but I was intrigued by driving across the United States in a big rig. Even more so, doing it in a classic American...

By Polygon on 80

Ultimately, I left American Truck Simulator thankful that it was more of the same. Hop in a truck, drive where I'm told to drive and see some sights whiz past. As someone who sunk countless hours into Euro Truck Simulator 2, a fresh coat of paint, an unfamiliar set of sights and the challenge of driving on the wrong opposite side of the road left me confident that I'll be sinking just as many hours into American Truck Simulator. It's not all of America right now, but it's an exciting start.

By EuroGamer on 85

Even before that journey eastwards, though, American Truck Simulator offers a generous expanse that's not so much a playground as a state park to calmly explore. Slow, deliberate and measured, it's a game that understands you don't have to be bouncing off the redline to enjoy yourself; sometimes life's better taken in at a smooth and steady 55mph.

By ImpulseGamer on 86

4.3Bigger RigsIt's probably safe to say I'm a bit of a tragic for these games now. I was first lured in under the guise of them being quite fun in VR (I'm yet to test this… but hopefully will in a month or so). But I found once I climbed into the cab I...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on 80

Washington è una grande espansione per American Truck Simulator che introduce l'omonimo stato del nord-est. Per 11,99 euro si hanno a disposizione 16 nuove città da vistare, migliaia di chilometri di strade - naturalmente in scala - e nuove aziende per...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on 77

Oregon è l'ennesimo contenuto di qualità sviluppato da SCS Software per American Truck Simulator che espande il mondo gioco con un intero inedito Stato e tanti chilometri di strade da percorrere ricche di dettagli. Chiunque sia una fan di questo genere...

International Review By on 68

¿¡Qué haces manejando camioncitos? Esa es la pregunta al a que me enfrentó una y otra vez cada vez que algún miembro de la familia o amigo me ve jugando a las producciones de SCS Software. Y es que estos simuladores de empresa de transporte tienen un...

International Review By on 80

Même si l'expérience vidéoludique ne se démarque pas réellement de la franchise Euro Truck Simulator, l'édition américaine propose un vent de fraicheur sans réduire la qualité remarquable du studio SCS Software concernant la simulation réelle de leurs...

International Review By on 85

zwei amerikanische Bundesstaaten bereits im Grundspiel, mindestens ein weiterer folgt kostenlos per DLCAußenkameras, die insbesondere beim Rangieren und Einparken sehr hilfreich sindMod-UnterstützungContrakein Multiplayer-Modus im Basisspiel (kann...