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By on 80

Developer: Pearl Abyss Publisher: Daum Games Platform: PC Copy provided by publisher.Black Desert Online puts me in an awkward position. For a while now I've had a big issue with the stagnation of the MMORPG genre, the fact that beyond the visual...

By HardcoreGamer on 70

Black Desert Online is a beautiful game marred by inept tutorials and an impenetrable story. The gameplay is strong once you understand it, but that might not happen before your patience runs dry. Black Desert doesn’t have typical endgame raids like comparable titles, but instead offers its endgame systems near the beginning of your journey.

By GameSpot on 70

What is the difference between "complex" and "disorganized”? Black Desert Online purports to be complicated--and often, it is--but its abysmal interface and poor introductions to key systems leave you floundering in the early hours, and sometimes in the...

By on 70

Black Desert Online is certainly one of the most unique fantasy-themed MMOs out there right now, and it offers a beautiful world that's also generally believable and enjoyable. Even with shortcomings like grindy combat and a weak endgame, it still...

By on 85

Black Desert Online, hyped for its visuals and character creation, is a much more complex game than...

International Review By on 88

Black Desert é um excelente MMORPG e tem o que é preciso para competir com outros do gênero, em especial a nova leva de jogos da nova geração de consoles e PC. O servidor sul-americano ainda está nos primeiros estágios e certamente precisa de mais...

International Review By on 65

Black Desert Online ist ein wunderschönes Sandbox Spiel, ganz in der Manier von Grand Theft Auto und Co. Das große Problem von Black Desert ist aber, dass es dem Spieler zu viele Freiheiten lässt und dabei vergisst zu erklären, was du eigentlich alles...

International Review By on 80

Black Desert Online ist ein Spiel für zwei Arten von Spielern: Einerseits für die, die gerne ihre Zeit mit Wirtschaftssimulationen verbringen, andererseits für jene Spieler, die viel Wert auf Optik und Lore legen. Beide Gruppen müssen mit dem Grind...

International Review By on

Jürgen Stöffel( Desert Online ist für mich wie fränkisches Rauchbier. Also wie etwas, das anfangs grausam schmeckt und für das man erst später und nach fortlaufendem Konsum eine Vorliebe entwickelt. Denn das Spiel hat mich während der...