Intel Core i3 7100 3.9GHz Socket 1151


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Which processor now offers the most bang of your buck varies per price segment. If you have a very small budget, in our opinion it is best to find an Intel Pentium G4560, which, given its higher availability, is less of a challenge than it was a few...

By Hardware Secrets on

By the collected data, we concluded that the Core i3-7100 is about 5% faster than the Core i3-6100. However, as the Core i3-7100 clock rate is 5% higher than the Core i3-6100's, it looks like there was no performance gain inherent to the new seventh...

By Phoronix on

At the end of January I published my initial Core i3 7100 Linux benchmarks while for those still on older Sandy Bridge hardware and thinking of upgrading to a Core i3 Kabylake, here are some interesting comparative benchmarks. For these weekend tests...

By Phoronix on

Last week I began delivering Linux Kabylake benchmarks with the Core i5 7600K while this week I finally am set to receive the Core i7 7700K. But for those curious how Kabylake is looking on the low-end, I picked up a Core i3 7100 as currently the...

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Der Prozessor Intel Core i3-7100 erreicht im Test ein insgesamt schwaches Gesamtergebnis. In keiner Testkategorie, aus denen sich die Gesamtwertung errechnet, kann die CPU so richtig überzeugen. Echte Stärken oder Highlights? Mangelware. Die Teilwertung...

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Classifica processori Intel più venduti dall'inizio dell'anno 2018. In questa classifica possiamo vedere tutti i processori tra i più acquistati in questo ultimo periodo ma solo per quanto riguarda Intel. In questo elenco possiamo trovare i processori...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Die schlechte Nachricht vorab: DIE beste CPU gibt es als Allgemeinaussage so eigentlich nicht, wenn man alle Facetten wie Anwendungszweck, tatsächlich benötigte Performance, Gesamtkonzeption des PCs und das eigene Budget mit einbezieht. Die für einen...

International Review By Hardware France on

Sandy Bridge-E (2011, 32nm) Carte mère Asus P9X79 (4 canaux DDR3, PCI Express 3.0, SATA 6 Gb/s) Core i7-3970X Core i7-3930K LGA 1366: Bloomfield/Gulftown (2008/2010, 45/32nm) Carte mère Intel DX58SO (3 canaux DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, SATA 3...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

Analisando os dados colhidos em nossos testes, concluímos que o Core i3-7100 é em torno de 5% mais rápido do que o Core i3-6100. Porém, note que o clock do Core i3-7100 é cerca de 5% superior ao do Core i3-6100 (3,9 GHz vs. 3,7 GHz). Assim, fica claro...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Elf Mal Intel Kaby Lake für Desktop-PCs im VergleichEin Monat ist seit dem Start der Kaby-Lake-Prozessoren für das Desktop-Segment vergangen. Inklusive mobiler Ableger gibt es inzwischen 50 verschiedene Kaby-Lake-Modelle. Acht hat sich ComputerBase...