Reviewers Liked

  • Thin!, Good battery life, Moto Mods, Active display
  • Great design, Insanely thin and light, yet sturdy and quality feeling, Moto Mods are brilliant, Excellent display, Fantastic VR performance, Fastest internal storage of any mobile device, Adoptable storage support, Unbeatable multi-tasking performance, Mo
  • Premium design and build quality, Incredibly thin, Switching Mods is a breeze, Great fingerprint sensor, Stock Android feel
  • Easy-to-use Moto mod, Top-notch performanc, Upscale desig, Z Force sports robust battery life
  • Slim design, Functional removable backs, Excellent performance
  • Moto Mods are cool, Fantastically thin Moto Z Droid feels like it's from the future, Quick cameras help capture the shot when you need it, Familiar gesture controls are legitimately useful
  • Images are wellexposed, Good detail preservation in outdoor conditions, Pleasant color rendering in all conditions, Accurate autofocus in all conditions

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Fingerprint scanner isn't a home button too, The lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack may sadden some people
  • Moto Mods can get expensive, Battery is a tad small, No 3.5mm headset jack without included adapter, No aptX support
  • Camera is mediocre, Fingerprint magnet, Battery life is meh
  • No headphone jac, Battery life of Moto Z is below averag, Displays could be brighter
  • Wi-Fi performance issues, Camera isn't the best
  • Moto Mods accessories get pricy, fast, Battery life of Moto Z Force Droid should be better, Style Swap covers can be a pain to get off, No good reason for the Moto Z Force Droid to lack a headphone jack
  • On HDR pictures, ghosting is sometimes visible and halos are barely visible, Strong luminance noise is visible in lowlight conditions, Inconsistency of detail preservation between 20 and 100 Lux, Some white balance failures and instabilities are visible i