Reviewers Liked

  • Moto Mods accessories are a huge source of potential, Frontfiring speaker is welldesigned for media playback, Flat screen won't distort games or videos (and can survive a hard drop), Extraspeedy, accurate fingerprint scanner, Killer camera that still puts
  • Premium design and build quality, Switching Mods is a breeze, Stock Android feel, Good Battery Life, Good Camera
  • Incredible build and hardware design, Shatterproof screen, Moto Mods show great promise and deliver on expectations, Better than average battery life, Ultra quick charging, Top-tier performance, Excellent VR capabilities, Stunning AMOLED panel, Moto softw
  • Sturdy, incredibly slim design, Great display, Moto Mods are elegant and have potential, Excellent performance, Charges really fast
  • The long-lasting Motorola Moto Z Force Droid has a durable display and its modular accessories are useful and easy to attach
  • Fast performance, Functional modular backs, Shatterproof screen, microSD card slot
  • Moto Mods are cool, Fantastically thin Moto Z Droid feels like it's from the future, Quick cameras help capture the shot when you need it, Familiar gesture controls are legitimately useful
  • Good detail preservation in all conditions, Good noise reduction, particularly in bright light, Generally good exposure and dynamic range in outdoor conditions, Good white balance and pleasant color rendering
  • Modular accessory design that's actually attractive and easy to use. Slim and striking phones, good cameras, clean Android build

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Fingerprint magnet, Side buttons are inconvenient, A little on the heavy side when using Mods
  • No 3.5mm jack built-in, No aptX support, Verizon exclusive in the US
  • It's a Verizon exclusive, No headphone jack, Camera not quite as good as the Z Force's, Middling battery life
  • You can only buy the Force in the US. On Verizon. It feels hefty with the Moto Mods snapped on, and its fingerprint reader confusingly looks like a home button
  • No headphone jack
  • Moto Mods accessories get pricy, fast, Battery life of Moto Z Force Droid should be better, Style Swap covers can be a pain to get off, No good reason for the Moto Z Force Droid to lack a headphone jack
  • In bright scenes, highlights are sometimes over exposed, Some exposure and white balance irregularities are noticeable, Some irregularities in noise level visible in lowlight conditions