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The One Zoom's quad-camera setup with its ultra-wide, telephoto, and depth-sensing sensors makes Motorola's latest device an attractive proposition for budget-conscious smartphone photography enthusiasts. Accurate autofocus, nice exposures in...

By DXOMark on

While the One Zoom might not offer all the previously available One-series benefits, it certainly offers a lot. However, not at its current MSRP of more than $400.Like Google's Pixel 3a smartphone the One Zoom also suffers from Motorola's choice of a...

By NotebookCheck on

If you're shopping at the budget end of the market but you want a camera that won't let you down, then get the Motorola One Zoom on your shortlist.Reasons to buy+Impressive camera, and 3x optical zoom+Nicely designed screen and chassis+Clean,...

By T3 Magazine on

Lenovo has unleashed an almost flagship camera phone with a mid-range price tag in the Motorola One Zoom.It cuts corners to cost what it does - this isn't the sleekest or the most powerful phone at its price, but get past that and you'll open yourself...

By TechRadar on

If "number of camera lenses" was a true measure of greatness, the One Zoom would be up there with the best of them. But it's never that simple, is it? A modern design, stellar battery life and a feature list that borrows heavily from the flagship...

By Stuff on

Cameras, cameras, cameras - that's what the Moto One Zoom is all about. And given its near-£400 price point, that combination of 48MP main, matched with a wide-angle, 3x optical zoom and depth sensor, will be highly appealing.The phone is otherwise a...

By Pocket-lint on

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By Ubergizmo on

The Motorola One Zoom is a valiant attempt at bringing flagship mobile-photography features down to a more affordable price. However, it's still not the best camera phone you can get for less than $500.That title still belongs to Google's Pixel 3a and...

By Tom's Guide on

The Motorola One Zoom is a good mid-range phone which you can buy for under £400. In return, you get the mid-range Snapdragon 675 processor, a good screen and great cameras. It's possible that the design doesn't suit everyone, but if you can be convinced and are looking for a powerful phone with good cameras at a good price, the One Zoom could be what you are looking for.

By TechAdvisor on

It's hard to put your finger on what exactly Motorola was going for with the One Zoom. The overall picture is hardly an impressive one. Yes, the "zoom" bit stands out, but the camera is otherwise quite unimpressive. The One Zoom less than stellar in...

By GSMArena on